Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ€– AI

What is an assistant in The Drive AI?expansion icon
How do I create an assistant?expansion icon
How does the AI improve with more data?expansion icon
Can I control the AI's behavior and responses?expansion icon
Is The Drive AI free to use?expansion icon

πŸ’Ύ Storage

What is The Drive AI?expansion icon
How do I import my files into The Drive AI?expansion icon
Can we share and collaborate on files with other people?expansion icon
What file types can I upload?expansion icon
How does project organization work in The Drive AI?expansion icon

✍️ Writing

How does the built-in editor work?expansion icon
Can the AI help me write?expansion icon
What are the features of the AI summarizer?expansion icon
Can I customize the tone and style of the AI's writing?expansion icon

πŸ’¬ Channels

What are the chat channels available in The Drive AI?expansion icon
How does the AI chat channel work?expansion icon
How does the team chat channel differ from other platforms?expansion icon
Can I create group chats or direct messages?expansion icon

πŸ”’ Security & Privacy

How does The Drive AI handle my data?expansion icon
Who can access my files?expansion icon
What measures are in place to protect my privacy?expansion icon
Do you train the AI on user data?expansion icon

πŸŽ“ Use Cases

How is The Drive AI useful for students?expansion icon
How can writers benefit from The Drive AI?expansion icon
What advantages does The Drive AI offer to researchers?expansion icon
How does The Drive AI support student clubs?expansion icon
How can teams make use of The Drive AI?expansion icon

πŸ”§ Developer

Is there an API for The Drive AI?expansion icon
What features would the API offer?expansion icon
How can I express interest in the API?expansion icon
When will the API be available?expansion icon

πŸš€ Getting Started

How do I get started with The Drive AI?expansion icon

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