Storage for your brain 🧠

Manage files efficiently, ask questions to files, and write new content based on the stored files with The Drive AI.

How it works.

1. Store 📚 🧠

Group similar documents together into folders to build your knowledge base. You can upload, link, or sync files from other platforms.





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Y Combintor


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2. Read 📖 💬

Ask questions while reading. You can ask questions to folder or individual files. The AI will answer your questions based on the content of the files.


3. Write 📖 ✍️

The editor will understand the context of your documents, and helps you build drafts, paragraphs, lists, and more.


How is this useful to you?

Students 🎒

Students can store their notes, books, papers, youtube videos, and ask questions to them. The AI will answer their questions based on the content of the notes.

Job seekers 📝

Add your resume, cover letter, and other documents to your profile. Draft cover letters and resumes with the AI.

Professionals 💼

Search for documents based on the content of the documents. Imagine finding that client proposal you wrote 2 years ago among thousands of documents.

Researchers 🧬

Difficulty reading research papers? Ask questions to the papers and let the AI explain complex concepts to you in simple words.

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